Oslo, Norway – 03 May, 2024

Sustainable biochemicals company Circa Group AS (stock symbol: CIRCA) and IXOM Operations Pty Ltd, a market leader in water treatment and chemical distribution in Australia and New Zealand, have entered into a collaboration agreement to develop the market for Cyrene™, Circa’s sustainable, bio-derived industrial solvent, in the ANZ region. This collaboration aims at developing the business in the region through IXOM channels and ultimately to enter into a supply and distribution agreement.

“This collaboration is an important step forward to serve customers in Australia and New Zealand where IXOM’s expertise and leadership will contribute to position Cyrene™ with customers and applications that have a strong drive to replace traditional solvents.” said Circa VP Product Development, Alessandro Napoli. “We intend to jointly move into a formal supply and distribution agreement as soon as conditions are met.”

“IXOM is very pleased to bring Cyrene™ to our customers in Australia and New Zealand,” said Paul Griffiths, IXOM Business Manager – Agriculture, Pulp & Paper ANZ. “We anticipate growing interest in sustainable, bio-derived solvent options, and we look forward to working with Circa to grow this market.”

Cyrene™ is a bio-based solvent that demonstrates circularity, sustainability, and safety at every stage of its life cycle. From fossil-free non-food feedstock to its recyclability and biodegradability, it is a safer and more sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based solvents.

About IXOM

Drawing on over 100 years of heritage, IXOM is an established and trusted industry leader in water treatment, manufacturing, and chemical sourcing. Backed by an unmatched network of manufacturing and supply chain assets, IXOM delivers products, services, and solutions to solve customers’ challenges and keep communities safe. IXOM is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with operations in ten countries.


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