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24. 11. 23Press Releases
Bertel Karlstedt to Become Next Circa CEO
09. 11. 23Press Releases
Q3 2023 Results Show Good Progress for Circa
06. 11. 23Press Releases
Invitation to Q3 2023 Results
01. 11. 23Press Releases
Circa Group AS Announces Current CEO Tony Duncan to Continue as CEO into 2024
31. 10. 23Press Releases
Circa And NPS Sign Memorandum of Understanding
17. 08. 23Press Releases
Q2 2023 Report Shows New Appointments and De-Risking
02. 08. 23Press Releases
Invitation to Q2 2023 Results and Capital Market Update
06. 07. 23Press Releases
Two Patents Filed for New Solvents for CO2 Capture Process
13. 06. 23Press Releases
New Appointment Increases Focus on Exploiting New Product Opportunities
11. 05. 23Press Releases
Q1 2023 Results Highlight Largest Sales of Cyrene™ and Progress on Permanent Permit for Resolute™ Plant