OSLO, NORWAY – 28 September 2021 – LGO derivatives and renewable solvent Cyrene™ made by biotechnology company Circa Group will be profiled by Merck KGaA in an online webinar by Dr Jane Murray, Global Head of Green Chemistry at Merck KGaA’s Life Sciences Division, on September 30 at 08.00 EST.

Merck has been an early adopter of green chemistry approaches and was one of the first companies in the chemicals industry to support the commercialisation of Cyrene™. Circa Group has been working with Merck for the last 5 years to provide research and industrial customers with access to its novel bio-based chemicals.

Circa’s Furacell™ process converts non-food biomass waste into advanced bio-based chemicals, including renewable solvent Cyrene™ which can replace traditional, toxic, fossil-based solvents such as NMP, DMF, DCM and DMSO.

Tony Duncan, CEO and co-founder of Circa Group, said, “This event further supports the commercial reality of more sustainable and greener chemistries. I am pleased that customers will have the opportunity to learn about the sustainability and performance of our renewable solvent Cyrene™ from Dr Murray.”